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Adjustable Starter Mount
Adjustable Starter Mount
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Part Number: CSR 110-ASM
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CSR Part 110-ASM (Adjustable Starter Mount)

For BB & SB Chevrolet Engines

SLIDE BASE:  Mount slide base using the two 3/8” bolts supplied. Torque (30 ft. lbs.) be sure mating surfaces are clean and oil free. Base is offset drilled and may be bolted in either direction allowing you to move the starter pinion closer or further away from the flywheel ring gear, most common is the part # facing the front of the engine. Installing base with Part # facing the back of the engine moves the starter pinion .150 closer to the flywheel ring gear, this also puts the slide base extended past the back of the engine block, if using a mid- plate, use caution.    

SLIDE:  Take notice the slide is drilled .025 off center, simply flipping the slide over will move the starter .050 forward or rearward allowing for further adjustment of the gap between the end of the starters pinion gear and the side of the flywheel ring gear.  (See fig.1 starter installation instructions)

STARTER BOLTS:  Starter bolt length is of the upmost importance. Starter bolt length must not exceed .550 beyond the bottom surface of the starters mounting block, starter bolts must NOT protrude thru the slide.     

BACKLASH:  Backlash is easily achieved by simply sliding the starter in and out. (See fig 2 starter installation instructions)

When all the above has been accomplished tighten set screw against slide so the starter may be removed without losing your adjusted position. Torque starter bolts to (30 ft. lbs.) Part # 110-ASM may be used on either driver or passenger side provided your engine block is drilled on both sides.  For driver side starter applications, use CSR Part # 110-OFSM (oil filter starter mount).        

Sold Exclusively by CSR Performanc Products 

Made in the USA


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